2016-08-30 23:46:20 by albinoscreeching

So here's the scoop:

-Working on a Video Game

-Working on a comic (Should be uplading something by the end of October.)

-Trying to move out. 

-Trying not to kill people.

Hope that helped. :D


I don't prefer to upload sketches because I usually have them in a sketchbooks. I post my digital directly from my pages(s). I upload most of my sketches onto instagram due to how simple the uploading process is. 

SO, if u wanna see it, https://www.instagram.com/albinoscreeching/?hl=en  .

Thank you and goodnight,



2016-05-08 03:49:51 by albinoscreeching

Howdy! It's me, I just made a new account. 


was my old page. 

Why did I change it? Because I kept forgetting my username. I chose my name that I already go by. 

I'll have more updates later on....